Monday, April 23, 2007

Cleaning Up, Clearing Out

It has come to my attention that the blog has become as much a detriment as an asset; that people may judge me easily based on my written words of a year or two ago as opposed to the way I present myself today.

Since I'd rather be evaluated on my own terms, I've decided to take down nearly everything. I leave below the one post that encapsulates my attitude towards hashgacha, and which I think about nearly every day. If you would wish to judge me based on this blog, this is the post that I would ask you to read first, and it's really the only post that's necessary.

I would also like to continue taking credit for the Do de Daf song. I hope that by the time the next Siyum HaShas comes around, it will become an international Jewish hit.

That's all, folks. May God illuminate your lives during this month of light. Peace to you and shalom al yisrael.